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Social Riders

Kate Spicer

The concept

At L'Etape by Tour de France, we believe that our customers are our best representatives... that is why we created L'Etape Social Riders program, a group of riders from all over the world. They all registered for L'Etape du Tour and were chosen to share with you what they like about cycling, how they train and how they prepare to ride L'Etape in July.


I’m a farmer on my family’s 12000 acre cattle farm in central NSW, Australia. It’s a lifestyle that keeps me in reasonable fitness however things really ramped up 7 years ago when I discovered cycling! I was addicted from the first ride, it wasn’t too long before I got the racing bug. I intended to attempt the first L’Etape Jindabyne race in 2016 but crashed during training, 9 months recovery from a badly broken clavicle! In 2018 I broke my leg skiing just months before L’Etape, missed out again. In 2019 I stayed in one piece and without even knowing it was a possibility I managed first place in age division and qualified for L’Etape du Tour de France. Training in the leadup has consisted of lots of Zwift sessions and some outdoors hill sessions in the legendary Warrumbungle mountain range I live near. I’ve only crashed once this year and thankfully only minor injuries and bike mostly unscathed so I’m looking good to make it to L’Etape du Tour in one piece with some solid training on board!! See you there!