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Pavlína Fricová

At L'Étape by Tour de France, we believe that our customers are our best representatives... that is why we created L'Etape Social Riders program, a group of riders from all over the world. They all registered for L'Etape du Tour and were chosen to share with you what they like about cycling, how they train and how they prepare to ride L'Etape in July.

Czech Republic
Czech Republic

I'm a former basketball player, but I've been cycling since I was a child. When I quit my basketball career, I started riding a mountain bike and I took part in several XC and triathlon hobby races. Then I discovered the magic of road cycling and started to explore every road and hill in my home mountains. Now it has been already 5 years when I started became obsessed with road bike. For me, the road bike is freedom, a means of discovering new places. I love fast descents, but even more I enjoy the feeling when overcoming a challenging hill. I have the most fun while pushing it to the extremes and challenge my self.