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Iran Moriff

The concept

At L'Étape by Tour de France, we believe that our customers are our best representatives... that is why we created L'Etape Social Riders program, a group of riders from all over the world. They all registered for L'Etape du Tour and were chosen to share with you what they like about cycling, how they train and how they prepare to ride L'Etape in July.


I started cycling in 2012, after I had exhausted all the running event distances. I picked up cycling initially to expand into duathlons and triathlons. I completed what I regard as the mother of all multi-sport endurance race in the Ironman 140.6 in 2014.
I have since lost my hunger to compete in races and nowadays I just look forward to cycling abroad. I’m blessed to have cycled in countries like California, Patagonia Argentina, the French Alps, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Bali ... just to name a few.
I ride come rain or shine, in a crowd or just by myself. I ride to make friends and I ride because it makes me happy.

Since the pandemic hit, my world has been turned upside down. I could no longer cycle to work because I was asked to work from home and outdoor activities were banned anyways. And so I resorted to cycling indoors. I became familiar with Zwift and today I am a level 50. In the process I have completed the Everesting challenge multiple times.

Now that the Covid19 regulations have been relaxed, I have started to venture out. Navigating on the road felt a bit odd at start, but the leg muscles are still there. I have participated in some events and even won one in the process. I recently travelled to Ireland and did a bike expedition there. It feels good to be back.