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Andrea Aidar

The concept

At L'Etape by Tour de France, we believe that our customers are our best representatives... that is why we created L'Etape Social Riders program, a group of riders from all over the world. They all registered for L'Etape du Tour and were chosen to share with you what they like about cycling, how they train and how they prepare to ride L'Etape in July.


My name is Andrea Aidar, I am 46 years old and I started cycling in 2010 and my first competition was the L’Etape du Tour in Annecy 2013.
It was one of the most incredible experiences, as I overcame my limits there, met people from all over the world and cycled on historic and wonderful roads. From then on my passion for cycling grew. I dedicated myself a lot more and I started training with a professional. I participated in competitions in Spain, New York, Uruguay, Italy, France, many in Brazil and I cycled in several French and Italian cities. My last participation in L’Etape du Tour was in 2018 because the following year I had an accident and I couldn't be in the 2019 edition!! In July 2013 I moved to Firenze, during this period I participated in several competitions including the dolomite marathon, very special. As a cyclist, spending a year in Europe, in a country where cycling is very relevant, made me evolve and in 2014 I returned to Brazil.
I did L’Etape du Tour 3 times, and cycling in France were and are always my motivation. Being able to climb historic mountains, challenging altimetry, in the atmosphere of the race organization that I think is impeccable, and meeting cyclists from all over the world for me is priceless. As a chef I always conciliate my trip with a gourmet week, always with my bicycle in the trunk, so the experience does not end at the end of the race. I was part of the Social Riders team in 2019 but it was very painful for me could not to participate in L’Etape because of my crash.