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Relive L'Etape Slovakia by Tour de France 2022

The second edition of L'Etape Slovakia by Tour de France took place on August, 21st. More than 800 cyclists rode from the center of Bratislava to the iconic Kamzik hill. They all had the chance to discover the beautiful landscapes of the slovakian capital's surroundings.


For its second year, L'Etape Slovakia by Tour de France have been a real success for the riders as for all the people who came to cheer and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the event. On August 20th and 21st, 825 riders took up the challenge through one of the four race formats : the Race (117km), the Ride (65km), the Family Ride (35km) or the Kids Race. This represents around 20% more participants than for the 2021 edition. This growing interest for the event is also highlighted by its international outreach, with one over four participants coming from abroad. 


At six o'clock in the morning, the race village of L'Etape Slovakia by tour de France started to pulsate with the arrival of the first riders. An hour later, hundreds of cyclists started their race to Kamzik, either through the 117km or the 65km format. The peloton included many cyling personalities such as Peter & Martin Velits, ambassadors of the event, but also the profesionnal triathlete Richard Varga or the former Tour de France stage winner Marcus Burghardt.

This year, there have been very good cyclists on the start line, which showed that L'Etape Slovakia by Tour de France level is increasing. In the meantime, even the casual riders with no performance ambitions must be very satisfied. Everuthing was very well organized, people applauded all along the road and the weather was finally nice, which is the more important. 

Peter Velits, former professionnal cyclist and L'Etape Slovakia ambassador 

The Race, queen stage of the event, was won by a well known name of L'Etape by Tour de France Series : Michal Kollert. The 37 years old rider already won L'Etape Czech Republic in June & L'Etape Championship final on L'Etape du Tour in July. After a tough fight, the czech rider made the gap in the last climb of the race and finally crossed the line in front of the pro triathlete Richard Varga and the triple Slovakia ITT champion (2019, 2020, 2022) Ján Andrej Cully. Winner in 2021, Ronald Kuba didn't succeed to reach a better position than 6th. 

I really loved to ride from the center of Bratislava to the city surroundings and its beautiful landscapes. L'Etape Czech Republic and Slovakia are pretty similar, there are both challenging but the finish part in Kamzik is more hilly, what I personnally enjoyed. I would like to thank the orginazation for the race, and the fans for bringing an incredible atmosphere on the road and at the finish line. L'Etape Slovakia is amazing and the podium ceremony was perfect. Well done!

Michal Kollert, winner of L'Etape Slovakia 2022

In the women competition, the foreigners led the race with the victory of Zuzana Boháčová (Czech Republic) in front of the austrian riders Karolina Makovská and Julia Springlová. Barbora Suchová, first slovakian rider, took the 4th place. 

As for the first edition, L'Etape Slovakia main partner Škoda brough the Tour de France atmosphere to Bratislava though the official cars fleet, including the famous red car. 

I'm really happy that we participated again to this great event as Main Partner. Škoda is supporting cycling since many years, in Slovakia as in the rest of the world. The growing number of participants and the amazing atmosphere for the second edition showed that cycling is increasingly popular in Slovakia. The professionalism of the organization, the incredible sport performances and the support programs contributed to an unforgettable week-end for a large number of cycling fans [...]. We are already looking forward to the next year.

Jaroslav Hercog, Head of Škoda Auto Slovakia

Slovakia Travel, tourism travel agency in Slovakia was also an important partner of the event that contributes to the success of this second edition. 

Sports events have the power to bring visibility and to gather people, athletes or fans. There are great to represent Slovakia. This race isn't an expeption. It was fascinating to see how the riders faced the challenge of the route in the middle of a beautiful nature. In Slovakia, everything is close from the center of the capital, it's easy to jump on a bike and to discover the breathtaking landscapes of Bratislava and its surroundings. At Slovakia Travel, we are supporting sports events that help us to put our beautiful country under the spotlights, especially when it comes to cycling which is a very popular sport. 

Václav Mika, CEO at Slovakia Travel

This second year of L'Etape Slovakia by Tour de France received many praise from the participants. If they were already pleased in 2021, this 2022 edition bring them even more satisfaction. 

We are very satisfied. Apart from few minor crashes, the race went off without incidents. The number of registered participants, that getting closer from a thousand, is incredible for our country. I would like to thank all those who participated in the event and our partners for their great support. I was personally glad that many famous international cyclists came to enjoy Bratislava's beautiful landscapes. I'm happy that this second edition confirmed once again our ability to organize such an hight quality event in Slovakia. 

Jozef Pukalovic, L'Etape Slovakia by Tour de France director

Discover HERE the best-of video of L'Etape Slovakia by Tour de France 2022 !


The Race - 117km


  1. Michal KOLLERT (CR/Xeelo Cycling Team) : 03:14:36
  2. Richard VARGA (SR) : 03:14:45
  3. Ján Andrej CULY (SR/Procycling AONE) : 03:15:32


  1. Zuzana BOHACOVA (CZ/We Love Cycling) : 03:38:31
  2. Karolina MAKOVSKA (CZ) : 04:07:27
  3. Julia SPRINGLOVA (AUSTRIA) : 04:09:26


The Ride - 65km


  1. L'ubomir SULOVSKY (SR) : 01:56:54
  2. Patrik HAHN (SR/Cycling Academy Bratislava) : 01:57:03
  3. Tomáš GRESCHNER (SR/Velocation Cycling Team) : 01:57:17


  1. Alena PAVLATOVA (CZ/Active Tour) : 02:09:03
  2. Barbora LUKACOVSKA (SR/Bratislavské bohyne) : 02:09:15
  3. Katarina SIVOKOVA (SR/Bratislavské bohyne) : 02:11:01


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