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Relive L'Étape Acapulco by Tour de France !


A sold-out success !!

On Saturday, March 25, the fifth edition of L'Etape Acapulco by Tour de France was held, with start and finish line in front of the host hotel Palacio Mundo Imperial, with the backing of the State Government and the support of CIBanco. 

Registrations closed 1 week before the event and 1,819 cyclists participated.
As part of the competitor's kit, a commemorative jersey from the Italian brand Santini was given to the cyclists, who started the race.

Official Ranking of L'Étape Acapulco by Tour de France

The absolute winners were: 

  • Short route 65 km :

1. Mayra Aldaco 1:40:21 
2. Sofía Rodríguez 1:44:05 
3. Cesilia Castillo 1:46:20 

1. Miguel Ramirez 1:34:29
2. Samuel Álvarez 1:34:30
3. Jair Hernandez 1:34:31 

  • Long route 115 km :

1. Stefania Ramos 2:48:09
2. Maria Cruz 2:48:10
3. Alejandra Guardian 2:50:33 

1. Omar Gómez 2:44:57
2. Gerardo Arellano 2:45:00 
3. César Vaquera 2:45:20 

  • The sprint challenge, who made the shortest time from kilometer 44.5 to 49 : 

1. Rodrigo Mayer 7:24 
2. Gerardo Arellano 7:27
3. David Wilhelm 7:39 

1. Montserrat Perez 7:42
2. Stefania Ramos 7:43
3. Brenda Ochoa 7:4 

Acapulco is Mexico's most iconic and representative beach resort.

Today this destination is experiencing a renaissance thanks to private investments that include condominiums and residences, spas, restaurants, shopping malls and new attractions, continuously improving its infrastructure and tourist offerings.
All Mexicans, especially those from Mexico City, have a special anecdote or memory of Acapulco.