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L'Etape battle on the Rouvy Platform

Challenge yourself and participate in the international L'Etape Battle of cyclists on the Rouvy platform and compete for super prizes! The Grand Finale Race is on March 5th at 5.30pm UTC!

L'Etape Slovenia by Tour de France is part of a global series of events taking place worldwide. In the L'Etape Battle cycling challenge on the Rouvy platform, we have teamed up with L'Etape Czech Republic and L'Etape Brazil to connect you, dear cyclists. Therefore, we have organized a special virtual winter challenge that you shouldn't miss!


An exciting challenge beyond borders

The challenge takes place from February 5th to March 10th, 2024. During this period, ride any of the beautiful routes and connect with cycling enthusiasts from around the world in the spirit of L'Etape. Join the challenge by signing up on the Rouvy platform as existing member or create a profile, use a code LETAPEBATTLESL1M for a 1-month free trial and join.

Not a Rouvy platform user yet?

A unique opportunity to become one! Create your profile and redeem the code: LETAPEBATTLESL1M for a 1-month free trial. Don't wait; the number of available codes is limited.

Rules: Ride 3x routes in each country and collect virtual jerseys

The route of each country will be open for 1 week only. During that week, you can ride the route in your own time or take part in a group ride or race.There will be races scheduled on every day of the week for each country with several time slots for each to give you options. 
For successfully completing a route in the selected country, you will receive a virtual jersey (avatar) and a badge indicating that you have completed the challenge.

Schedule of rides by L'Etape country event

  • L'Etape Czech Republic: February 6th–11th, 2024
  • L'Etape Slovenia: February 13th–18th, 2024
  • L'Etape Brazil: February 20th–25th, 2024

By finishing 3 L'Etape routes, one in each country up to March 10th, 2024, you have successfully completed the Challenge and will be entered for the draw to win (in any mode except Group Ride):

  • 1x one-year subscription to the Rouvy platform
  • 1x six-month subscription to the Rouvy platform
  • 1x Rouvy cycling jersey
  • 10x L'Etape Slovenia product packages: T-shirt, cap, and socks.

The Grand Finale Race - save the date: Tuesday March 5th

The Grand Finale Race will take place on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 at 5.30pm UTC on the L'Etape Czech Republic route. For the final race you can wear any virtual L'Etape jersey you earned in your previous rides. The top three fastest cyclists in the final race (we will monitor unfair practices, so ride fairly and follow platform rules!) will win one of the following prizes:

  • 1x entry for the hilly route at L'Etape Czechia in Prague on June 15th, 2024, with accommodation at Lindner Prague Castle Hotel.
  • 2x entry for L'Etape Slovenia, including the upper part of the official cycling jersey.

>> More information and registration: Rouvy L'Etape Battle 2024

Detailed information, terms & conditions, and registration are available at Rouvy.

Challenge yourself and enjoy your rides in exciting virtual L’Etape Battle. Join L'Etape series international community of cyclists.

Winners of L'Etape Battle

  • Drago Cveček in
  • Domen Vrhunc.

Congratulations! See you in September at L'Etape Slovenia