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It is for sure a legendary experience. L’Étape Cunha features a mix of short climbs with high inclines, steeper sections, and curves. In addition to the traditional mountain route, as in the Tour de France, athletes will have to face the traditional heat for this time of year.  For the fourth time L'Etape Cunha was ride by more than a 1 000 cyclers.


Remembering is living and having the audacity to relive it is magical! It was with this idea of recreating an experience that was so fondly stored in the memory of so many people that L’Étape Cunha by Tour de France presented by Santander was reborn. And we are very grateful to everyone who was part of this great comeback. To the Municipality of Cunha and its competent bodies who worked together with our team to ensure safety and closed roads for the almost 1000 runners who passed through there. Sponsors, partners, exhibitors, and suppliers, were the hands that helped raise all of this. The involvement of citizens is the biggest differential of this city we have a very large crowd that encourages runners throughout the course. From preparing for the event to after the race, we were able to count on the city's help. We received positive feedback from runners throughout the Village and race structure, everyone was very satisfied.

With a beautiful Sunny day on the Cunha's route known for its tough climbs, in addition to the intense heat, these are the main difficulties that cyclists face to complete the race. After 110 km MAIRA KIYOMI CATENACCI PAVAN & GUILHERME RIBEIRO DO COUTO won the women and men classification.


Thanks to the sponsors of L'Etape Cunha 2023 !!

Santander, Vivo, Medicina Esportiva Samaritano, Mitsubishi and Specialized are brands that always collaborate a lot to make the cyclist's experience even more special and unique.