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Jose Gregorio Fierro

The concept

At L'Etape by Tour de France, we believe that our customers are our best representatives... that is why we created L'Etape Social Riders program, a group of riders from all over the world. They all registered for L'Etape du Tour and were chosen to share with you what they like about cycling, how they train and how they prepare to ride L'Etape in July.


I am an amateur of 40 years, I have been practicing cycling for two years, this generated a change in my attitude and my physical shape, I lost 15 kilos, going from 81 kilos to 65 kilos.
I have participated in local fondos (more than 10) and in international fondos in Panama and North America.
Cycling is a passion and a lifestyle, to a point that made me change my studying room into a training center!